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Know How to Get Relief from the Painful Period Days

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Pain during the menstrual cycle is quite common. Though, most of the women can tolerate the pain, but at times, the pain becomes intolerable. The pain during the menstruation depends on certain factors like presence of fibroids in the uterus or adenomyosis. Though, the pain can be controlled by consuming the pain killers, but it is not a permanent solution. You should know the actual reason behind the pain and should get rid of it permanently.

It has been discovered by the recent studies that the cause of all this heart-wrenching pain is possibly because of fibroids. These are found in the inner lining of the uterine walls where blood flow in fibroids help in mass growth to take place. Statistics say that 30-40% of the female do suffer from this pain. Another possible reason might be the Adenomyosis. Both Adenomyosis and uterine fibroids have different symptoms. However, both these problems can be solved by the similar type of procedures that involve hysterectomy, myomectomy and UFE. All these treatments are applicable to get rid of the fibroids or adenomyosis.


The disease can cause some of the symptoms to appear-


• Cause- The endometrium layer (inner lining) breaks through the myometrium (muscle wall) of the uterus.

• Heavy and long-drawn menstrual bleeding.

• Severe cramps.

• Pressure in the abdomen and bloating.

Uterine Fibroids

It is also known as leiomyomas. The symptoms are-

• Cause Mass growth of the non-cancerous tumours on the smooth lining on the uterus lining.

• Common in women above 35 years of age.

• The tumours are asymptomatic.

• Painful bleeding, backache, discomfort in the abdomen.

• Physical intercourse will be painful, issues in pregnancy, and frequent urination.

How are the patients treated?

A woman suffering from either of the two above diseases was earlier treated by performing a hysterectomy. This process includes removing out the uterus of the lady. The process though was successful in reducing the pain but prevent the woman from having a child in the future. Thus, the treatment though was prevalent was not readily accepted by the society.

The doctors have strived hard to find out an alternative to hysterectomy. What they have found out was UFE or Uterine Fibroid Embolisation for the uterine fibroids and Uterine Artery Embolisation or UAE for Adenomyosis. UFE inserts a tube in the arteries of the woman, while UAE inserts small particles in the arteries that are absorbed by the abdominal tissues. These prevent the growth of the mass by shrinking and starving it. Both these methods are minor operations where the patients need to stay in the hospital for overnight. One can permanently get relief of the bad pains by these procedures.

The UFE is considered as the best fibroids and fertility treatment as it has is not at all harmful for the uterus. It reduces the fibroids without affecting the uterus. Women who undergo UFE can become a mother again.

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